Book Reviews: The Night She Disappeared by April Henry

The Night She Disappeared is about a girl who gets kidnapped while making a pizza delivery. She had originally switched shifts with one of her friends so she could go out on a date with a guy she met earlier. The twist is the kidnapper didn’t want her. He wanted the girl she had switched places with.

Throughout the book, Henry does a great job with certain aspects of the plot, but lets other parts fall limp. The entire book is a whirlwind of mystery and adventure, but falls short with the ending. She could have done a better job executing the plot, but it was still nice read. Despite its topic, the book is a very light read. It’s a book that is not intense,  slightly straightforward, and is a book that doesn’t have many plot twists, making it easy to understand.

Recommend?: Not completely, but if you need something to read, it’s okay.

Stars?: 2 out of 5