Book Review: Hostage Three

hostage three

Hostage Three is a really exciting, interesting read. The book begins on the deck of the Daisy May, where Amy (aka “Hostage Three”) has a gun pointed at her. A navy dinghy is coming closer, and the head pirate is yelling “shoot her.” It’s a very intense scene, and just when you think there is no way out, the book flashes back to Amy in school in London, before her father decided to take time off and sail around the world.  The book is the story of how their ship was boarded by Somalian pirates and the relationships that develop between the hostages and the pirates.

The thing I like about Hostage Three is that all of the characters are flawed. What I mean, is, they are all real. They all have things about them that are good, but they also make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes are understandable, but they are still mistakes. The more you read, the less you’re sure who is “good” and who is “bad.” I think that is part of the point of this book–to force you to consider situations from multiple perspectives.

Critics say that the character development is shallow, particularly where Amy is concerned.  While I see why some feel that way, knowing Amy’s past I think she would be reserved with her feelings by nature; perhaps where they see shallow character development I see someone who is guarded with everyone, including herself, because her past is too painful to face.

Despite that potential flaw, the plot is good enough to hold your attention, and it’s a fast read.  If you like action books/movies, give this one a try.