Cassandra’s review of Castle Waiting by Linda Medley

51abt0ghwll-_sx347_bo1204203200_“Sometimes you have to leave home to really appreciate it.” Castle Waiting is a beautiful graphic novel about the emotional and physical aspects of home building. The cast of characters come from all kinds of backgrounds and find themselves at a castle that becomes a sanctuary once Sleeping Beauty wakes up from her long nap and ditches her home for Prince Charming. The characters include a mysterious pregnant Lady, a bearded nun, a bird-like steward, and more. Each character has an unique background that is revealed as the story progresses. With references to traditional fairy-tales, Medley presents a modern fable which is about “being a hero in your own home”.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a fascinating story and does not mind graphic novels. Castle Waiting is a relatively quick read that contains many side stories and fun adventures. It is not a stand alone and is accompanied by a second volume. Anyone who likes to see a big group of characters develop and contribute equally to the story would love Castle Waiting!

Cassandra rates this book 4.8/5 stars.

Cassandra’s Review of Enter Title Here by Rahul Kanakia

“I22060619 get this feeling like I can do ANYTHING, and that feeling is so rare and so beautiful that it’s really hard not to simply surrender to it.” Reshma, the main character in Enter Title Here, bears the mentality that she can accomplish anything throughout the novel. The story takes place during Reshma’s senior year in a very competitive Silicon Valley high school (sounds familiar). She has the best GPA in her school, but she worries that she will not get into Stanford, her dream school, without a compelling hook. After writing an article for The Huffington Post, Reshma is contacted by a literary agent and scores a book deal. With a hook into college, Reshma beings to write her story in a diary-like fashion. Throughout the novel, she tries to become the perfect American girl protagonist but begins to realize and solidify her “true” nature. As a whole, Enter Title Here is a funny novel with underlying tones of drugs, cheating, and stress.

For those who are interested in reading Enter Title Here, be CAREFUL! This story is very sharp and direct. Reshma is an interesting character but is kind of unlikable because she is ruthless and a little overconfident. Additionally, the way Reshma approaches learning is completely different from my personal beliefs. Nonetheless, she has a very strong voice that I grew more attached to as the story progressed. For the most part, I enjoyed the story, especially the parts when Reshma is brainstorming her “actual” book (like a story within a story). Reshma did not really change as much as I expected her to at the end of the novel, but that makes the story even more realistic. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a realistic fiction that is told in a very unique voice. Overall, Enter Title Here was an enjoyable read.

Cassandra rates this book 4.5/5 stars.

Joyce’s review of The Classic Hundred Poems

512vywixxul-_sy344_bo1204203200_The Classic Hundred Poems is a compilation of classic poems, including works of Shakespeare, Dickinson, Y.B. Yeats, Robert Frost, and many others. It includes a glossary of technical terms, as well as a summary and brief analysis of each poem. These informative notes are tremendously helpful for amateur readers of poetry. In some instances, the editor, Harmon, also provides an introduction which adds insight into the poets’ lives and how their life experiences may have influenced their work. The poems are arranged in chronological order, starting from those published in the 1500s, ending with those published in the 1900s.

I would strongly recommend this book for readers who are already familiar with poetry. For beginners, this book would prove too difficult, for although notes are provided, full annotations are not included. The poems included are evocative and rich, but what fascinates me the most is their ability to transcend time. To me, the greatest art is immortal. The poems in this book are masterpieces to be savored by the careful reader.

Joyce rates this anthology 5/5 stars.