Chanina’s reviews of Paper Girls 1 & 2 by Brian K Vaughan

papergirls_vol01-1papergirls_vol02-1Four preteen girls meet in the early-morning hours the day after Halloween. All four of them are distributors for their local newspaper, and all four of them are about to witness things more astonishing and unbelievable than any story that has ever been printed in the papers they toss onto people’s driveways. Vanishing civilians and strange futuristic technologies are just the beginning of their troubles, and as timelines and realities warp, they must rely on each other to survive.

Paper Girls is absolutely for those who enjoy strong visual imagery. Through Cliff Chiang’s illustrations and Matt Wilson’s colour-work, Vaughan’s story is brought vividly, eye-catchingly, to life. Fans of science fiction and mystery novels alike may also be interested in this series. It should be noted as well that Paper Girls has been rather groundbreaking in its portrayal of female camaraderie in such a male-dominated medium. My only criticism of the series is that it sometimes feels as if certain outrageous and weird things are added into the story for the sole purpose of making things a little more outrageous and weird. This is only a small judgement I’ve made however, and as a person who otherwise fully endorses all things outrageous and weird, I believe that more people should definitely check this series out.

Chanina rates these volumes 4.5/5


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