Andrew’s review of Unnatural Creatures curated by Neil Gaiman

619h9e6j3elIn this book, Gaiman has assembled an amazing collection of some of his favorite short stories about the fantastical creatures of fantasy. From the mystic to the monstrous, the menagerie in these stories are intriguing, entertaining, and not the least bit unsettling– and all are written by amazing (if obscure) authors in illustrative ink.

Any lovers of fantasy or horror would certainly not go amiss in picking up this collection. These stories contain elements of both, and lovers of either genre will be captivated.

Andrew rates this book 4/5

Tags: fantasy, short stories, horror, thriller, magic, mythology

You Must Not Miss by Katrina Leno

38446644._sy475_Magpie’s life just keeps getting worse.  It started with her father’s infidelity and mother’s alcoholism, and then that night at Brandon Phipp’s party…that changed everything.  Since then, Magpie is barely holding it together.  The only thing that seems to help is writing about her ideal getaway place, one where none of life’s blows struck anything, one with all the comfort and none of the pain.  To Magpie’s amazement, there is such a place, and to get to it, you imagine a door.

I recommend this book to people who like realistic fiction with a twist of fantasy, and people who like a psychological challenge.  I think I got the most out of this book when I thought about the lengths people are willing to go to to survive emotional neglect and abuse. (The author uses the short story “Where are you going, where have you been?” by Joyce Carol Oates as a device to further this–if you haven’t read this short story, do it.  It will help you make some important connections.)  Magpie is an interesting character that comes to terms with her problems in a way I wasn’t expecting.  Don’t expect a happy ending!

Mrs. Ashworth rates this book 3/5

Tags: realistic, fantasy, depression, alcoholism, neglect, family, friendship, survival, revenge, betrayal