Roy Long’s review of We are the weathermakers: The history of climate change by Tim Flannery and Sally Walker

51d6aq8ff0l-_sx338_bo1204203200_In this compelling story, Tim Flannery explains the history of our climate in a simple, concise method that anyone can understand. He explains both natural processes and human impact, which is significantly altering the former. The book ends by discussing successful communities that have curbed their carbon footprint – and how they can be a model for all of us.

In the era of global climate change, it is important to understand both the science and the politics of the issue. The book is especially well written by the scientists, because the clarity makes it an agent of communication between the scientific community and everyone else.
The book is also well written in science. Discussed topics range from the Milankovitch Cycles to the rise of carbon in the Anthropocene. In short, this makes a great science book.

Roy rates this book 4.5/5

Tags: Nonfiction, climate change, science, politics, human impact on nature